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UW's Waisman Center Spurs Research in Critical Mission of Helping Others

February 9th, 2023

Resonant Capital Advisors built our business to represent our families, friends and the overall communities where we live. As part of this effort, we support a number of institutions and organizations that reflect the values of our employees and clients. These community posts reflect some of our commitment to these beliefs. We welcome your feedback and ideas on these initiatives.


Ties to the University of Wisconsin-Madison run deep for the Resonant Capital Advisors team. Headquartered and founded in Madison, members of the firm and their families are involved in a number of different initiatives across the UW, including in the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

Resonant Capital Advisors CEO and Chief Investment Strategist Walter Dewey and his family have been supportive in several ways to the university’s Waisman Center for many years, partially through Walter role serving on the Center’s board of visitors for more than 11 years.

The below story recognizes the unique nature of the Waisman Center's relationship with Walter's family and specifically his sister, Annie. Annie has been part of a research study led by Waisman investigators researching the ties between Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome. Her relationship also led to the formation of the Down Syndrome Catalyst Fund through The Waisman Center.

Waisman was founded in the early 1960s with a focus on research, teaching and outreach in the interest of development disabilities. The Waisman Center community has helped gather new knowledge on the basic biology, developmental course, prevention, treatment and social context of a highly complex set of human conditions.

You can learn more about the Dewey connection to The Waisman Center and its unique approach to its research mission here: