We plan, manage, organize and advise families and enterprises with multigenerational wealth. Our most complex client circumstances span multiple relationships, businesses, entities and generations. These clients benefit from the entirety of our firm’s expertise, experience and resources. Because they plan to endure, so do we.

Many of our clients own one or more businesses. They seek our advice in part because we are owners ourselves. Whether they are seeking guidance on strategic options, generational transfer or a sale of their largest asset, they trust in us to advise them with understanding and objectivity. They value our comprehensive planning work, coordination with tax and legal advisors, philanthropic guidance, customized cash and asset-management strategies, and ability to bring together a team to service their family in the moment and into the future.

Family businesses are unique enterprises that have a special place in our history and economy. Their complexities and characteristics demand a combination of emotional, technical and communication skills that require experience and dedication. Resonant itself is a family business and we pride ourselves on helping to guide enterprises from generation to generation.

Successful families often have complex financial needs. We pride ourselves on adding value with services such as in-depth cash flow and tax planning, optimization of asset locations and investment strategies that minimize tax exposure. In addition, Resonant leverages its experience in alternative investments, sophisticated asset transfer and trust structures, and strategic charitable strategies with our comprehensive reporting technology to provide clients with customized access to their financial information. Ask us how we can help you organize your family’s financial life and satisfy your complex needs.

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Our firm acts as a family office for some of our largest clients, and all resources of our 10-person firm are available to them. In some cases that includes helping transition across generations, coordinating advisors and resources and advising on complex ownership and management structure, such as setting up collective investment vehicles. See a short case study outlining how we have set this up for other client families.

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Resonant helps you coordinate your plan, portfolio, business, capital and the other elements of your financial life. Integrated with the latest technology tools, we communicate when, where and how you want it.

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We look forward to having a confidential conversation about ways our different services can help you and your family. We are happy to meet in person or also set up a virtual introduction.