Resonant History

Late 19th to early 20th Century

An Immigrant Story – From Europe to America

Resonant founders’ ancestors arrived in Wisconsin and New York from Scandinavia, Germany and Ireland. All are affected by World War I and the Great Depression. The Germans settle in Milwaukee and one survives the 1930s by lighting gas street lamps. The Scandinavians (Norwegian and Danish) migrate to Door County, settling in Sturgeon Bay and on Washington Island. The Irish pass through Ellis Island and find their way to the Bronx. All eventually send family members to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

From a Hobby to a Career

Resonant CEO Walter Dewey buys his first stock (Allis Chalmers) with money from his paper route. A lifetime passion is born and a teenager’s hobby becomes a career. The same year, Resonant President Ben Dickey is born to parents Mary and Walter, and grows up in Roxbury, Wisconsin.
Stock certificate

Tailgating for Bucky

Walter attends UW-Madison, along with many football game tailgates (He no longer wears striped coveralls on gamedays).

Barb and Walter first team up

Firm Principal and Client Service Leader Barb Herro and Walter first work together at a Wisconsin-based predecessor to a now-national bank. Reagan was president, the Giants won the Super Bowl and the first Millennials are being born.
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Redhead on the market

Chief Investment Officer Richard Thompson joins Walter and Barb as an investment analyst. A big spender donates $350 for a date night with the local boy, who is still known as a “snappy dresser”.
Richard Thompson Date Auction

True lifetime career networking

Chief Operating Officer Dan Blake grows up across the street from Walter on the west side of Madison. His high school attitude doesn't cost him a future career opportunity.

Hanging up the cleats

Ben returns to Madison for law and business school at UW after 4 years as a student-athlete (soccer) at the University of Chicago. He puts himself through school by coaching youth soccer. One of the members on his first team is Walter’s son Carlton. Carl will later “re-join the team” as an investment analyst and Resonant’s 19th employee.
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I fought the law

Ben becomes fast friends in law school with Resonant Chief Compliance Officer Rebecca Schmidt’s husband Jeff.

Building a Business

Walter, Ben and Barb join forces and begin building a wealth management practice, incorporating the opportunities presented by the RIA industry, technology, their clients and partners. Along the way they work with Director of Investment Operations Dave DeVito.

Madison community connections

Walter and Resonant CFO Jill Derr work together as volunteers to support their local Madison church and Edgewood High School. Ben ‘s time as President and Board member at Blackhawk Country Club introduces him to Brad O’Loughlin. Brad’s development sees him move from caddy to intern to lead Financial Planner at Resonant.
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Resonant Capital Advisors launches on Capitol Square

Resonant is formed from a combination of the successful spin-out of Walter, Ben and Barb’s practice and the willingness of a talented group of 4 other professionals to take a risk. A new kind of wealth management business is formed in a beautiful space overlooking Lake Monona. Special furniture (a family business story in its own right) soon follows.
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Growing in 'Brew City'

Longtime friend and former colleague T.J. Marini joins Resonant as Director of Business Development. Shortly after, he helps Resonant open its Milwaukee office in Brookfield. His work takes him away from eastern Wisconsin as he is frequently in Madison for Badger football and basketball games, and the occasional golf outing.

5-Year Anniversary

Resonant celebrates its 5-year anniversary as a firm.

Partnership & Perseverance

Today Resonant counts 19 team members, hundreds of clients, endless movie quotes and lifetimes of appreciation for its clients, partners, employees and friends.