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We provide custom and objective financial planning and advice that's tied to your goals and dreams. Your plan will be specific, adaptable and tailored to your unique life.

A financial plan provides an assessment of where you stand relative to your goals. Our clients’ circumstances are unique. Their questions can touch on investment, tax, insurance, family dynamics, legacy, philanthropy, and business transition needs. Our open and disciplined process helps move them toward more informed decision-making.

Planning creates context. Your comprehensive plan becomes the centerpiece of our working relationship. It assists financial decision making and is integrated with our recommendations for your investment portfolio.

A completed plan produces a number of actionable steps. We will guide you through these agreed-upon decisions and implement investment and other financial recommendations. As client life and market circumstances change, we routinely model new scenarios, implement changes and update plans.

Financial Planning





Integrated Client


Our process begins with open conversations and information-gathering.

Discussion topics include:

  • Expectations and concerns
  • Budget and cash flow
  • Net worth and insurance
  • Legacy plans

Our Process

Our online questionnaire provides a secure and efficient way for you to share information specific to your circumstances. We analyze your responses to understand what is most important to you and for us to advise you in an initial introductory meeting.

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Resonant's process is built on decades of experience working with clients. It marries the individual and the technical, the personal with the analytical. We start by understanding your needs, and by building out a comprehensive financial plan for you and your family.

Let's talk about your plan

Reach out to us to have a confidential conversation about our process and the value you'll get from working with us. No commitment required.